Ethics, Life and Institutions

An attempt at practical philosophy. However, by no means reductionist, the book tries to establish ethics on the phenomenon of life: for all living beings, there is an elementary orientation between life and death. There is much more for humans, but the polarity of life or health as „good“ and death or illness as „bad“ […]

Mensch und Religion

Der Sinn der Religion im Leben und in der Gesellschaft. Religion der Sammler, der Landwirte und der städtischen Kulturen. Die Bibel, Judentum und Christentum, seine Geschichte und aktuelle Lage. (Alber Verlag, Freiburg 2007)

Thinking about ordinary things

Thirty short articles about common topics – e.g. sensory experience, language,  freedom, time, truth, life, society, law, history or culture – should introduce the reader in the practice of philosophical thinking. (Karolinum 2013)